4 Affordable Ways to Drive More Leads and Sales Through Your Website

Quickly empower yourself or your employees with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to deliver amazing digital marketing results,

Most companies can't afford to hire a 6 figure digital marketing executive with over 15 years of experience but every company would see more leads and sales from their website if they had access to a person with these qualifications.

My name is Ken Horst and I have been active in digital marketing since 1995 when I was hired as the Director of Sales and Marketing for an IT training company.  At the end of 1996 we had double sales from the previous year going from $2.5 million to just over $5 million in sales.  

Since that time I have owned over a dozen websites, a telemarketing call center that provided lead genaration services for small business, worked for one of the top content marketing agencies in the world and spent 3 years as the VP of Digital Marketing for a company that had 6 brands spread accross 5 states and 29 locations.  In that role I built and managed a team of 8 very talented and specialized digital marketers and was responsible for a $7 million dollar a year digital marketing budget which included managng a $4 million a year paid search budget which included Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing Search, Paid Facebook and Linkedin campaigns and more.

On Demand Training Programs

Access our growing library of recorded online training programs and modules on topics including content marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, paid seach, blogging and more.

As a member of our training community you have access to everything we done and a steady stream of new training programs to help you stay informed about the most up to date digital marketing strategies and tactics available. Learn More

Customized Live Training

We can provide customized online or in person training on just about any digital marketing topic you can come up with and tailor it to your company, employees and industry.


I am available to coach and train individual business owners or company employees when the need arises.  I offer coaching in any size blocks of time required to get the job done and can be your coach for anything from strategy development and execution to how to get more out of your LinkedIn account. Learn more


I provide consulting and project management services for every aspect of digital marketing including new website design, landing creation and testing, software selection and more.

If you are an business owner, Manager, Director, Vice President or CMO, chances are I've personally delt with what ever challenges you are facing and sometimes simply having a peer to trade minds with is all you need for a digtal marketing breakthrough. Click here to see consulting packages.

5 Reasons Your Website Isn't Generating Enough Leads or Sales

... and 12 things you can to to fix the problems and start generating more leads and sales from your website now!

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