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How to Rank Higher on Houzz When People Search for Photos and Pros

How to market your business on HouzzIf you want to generate more business on Houzz, it’s important to understand how your prospects use Houzz.  Homeowners conduct two types of searches on Houzz in this order;

1.    Search for pictures, examples and ideas for their home renovation project.
2.    Search for professionals in their area to do the work.

The key to generating more new clients on Houzz is make sure you are highly visible in both types of search results.  In this post we’ll examine what the each of the search results looks like on Houzz and provide you with a resource to improve your rankings.

Searching for Ideas and Photos on Houzz

For the purpose of this article I’m going to pretend my wife and I are interested in remodeling our kitchen so the first thing we do is turn on our computer and go the Houzz website.
When we land on the Houzz home page, this is what we see (Click on any image below to enlarge);

Houzz Home Page with Search Options

As you can see, Houzz has included a number of options in the top navigation to make it easy for us to get started. Since we are interested in remodeling our kitchen, the most obvious choice would be to click on the word “Kitchen” above and when we do, here is what we see;

 Kitchen Remodeling photos on Houzz

The first thing you notice is that there are 947, 768 kitchen design photos on Houzz, WOW! Thankfully, Houzz has added some filters on the right sidebar to help us narrow down the number of pictures we have to search through to find something we like.

Keep in mind that so far, there has been no mention of location, i.e. Minneapolis, etc. Houzz understands that in the early stage of a search, people are simply looking for ideas ad don’t care what part of the country they are from. The ideas is that once I find a few examples of what I want new kitchen to look like, then I will find a local remodeling contractor and show them what I want.

You should also be aware of the options that Houzz offers for sorting the 947,768 photos which include;

  • Popular Today (The default)
  • Latest Activity
  • All Time Popular
  • Newly Featured

I personally would start with “All Time Popular” as I think that’s where I would see the “Best of the Best”.

In our upcoming Webinar on “How to Get More Visibility on Houzz and Generate More Business” we cover some of the things you need to do with your photos to improve how they rank. Click here for more info.

For now, the secret to getting found on Houzz when people are searching for Images is to make sure you rank high for all four of these filters;

  1. Popular Today = This is based on how recently someone added the photo to an Ideabook so make sure you post super high quality photos that people will love.
  2. Latest Activity = The main thing this filter is based on (best as we can tell) is real time comments that happen when someone adds your photo and a comment to an Ideabook. The better your photos, the more people will add them to their Ideabooks.
  3. All Time Popular = Pictures that have been on Houzz the longest have an advantage here however, if you upload a super amazing photo and it goes viral (This means it gets wildly viewed and share in a short period of time) you still have a chance (OK, slim chance) of getting on the first page even if you’re just getting started on Houzz.
  4. Newly Featured = In order to show up in this search, your photo has to be so good that it gets included in a “Featured” Ideabook. These are Ideabooks that are generally created by people chosen by Houzz to create blog like Ideabooks (Think eye-candy) because their visitors love them. Once again, upload amazing pictures.

Next I will filter by “Style” and I’m interested in a Contemporary style kitchen and this pares down the number of pictures to 206, 987.

All time popular contemporary photos on Houzz

Click to enlarge image

Once I get my filters set, I can start looking for ideas (photos) of what I want my kitchen to look like. Houzz makes it very easy for people to add photos to their idea books or email them to someone by showing a “Save” and “Email” button when you hover over an image you like.

How to save photos in Houzz

This makes it easy for people to curate a collection of photos that best illustrate what they want their local remodeling contractor to do for them. (This also is a big benefit to the contractor they eventually choose because with pictures, little or nothing will get lost in translation)

How to Add a Photo to your Ideabook

How consumers add photos to their Ideabooks

This is also one of the ways your photos get added to idea books and more Ideabooks your photo is in, the more it will be seen by people on Houzz.

The bottom line is almost all consumers start their Houzz journey searching for photos and there are many ways Houzz organizes photos to make it easy for consumers to search efficiently.

What this means to the designer, home builder, remodeling contractor or interior decorator is you need to find a way to get more pictures in more search results if you want to get more new clients.

Search for a Pro on Houzz

Once I’m done finding pictures of my perfect kitchen, I’m ready to start looking for a local remodeling contractor. One way I might go about this is to further narrow my search for Contemporary Kitchen Design photos down by my location, such as Minneapolis.

How to find local kitchen remodeling photos on Houzz


I’m not necessarily looking for more ideas, this is just a good way to vet local service providers. What I’m looking for now is local contractors who have images that demonstrate they do great work. In a perfect world, I would have stumbled onto their photos in my previous search.

Now that I am clear about what I want my new kitchen to look like, it’s time to get serious about finding a local contractor. From the Houzz home page I will click on the “Find Pros” button in the top navigation bar.

How many professionals are listed on Houzz

Which brings me to this page:

Find a Pro search on Houzz

From here, I will use the various filters that Houzz provides to narrow my search down to the kitchen remodeling contractors near my home.

Houzz listings for local kitchen remoldeing contractors including sponsored listing

As you can see from the search above, I filtered my search by: Kitchen & Bath Remodelers within 25 miles of Minnetonka, MN. You may also notice a drop down menu next to the “Search” button that is set to “Best Match”. Clicking on the down arrow reveals a few other options;

Search filters for best match, most reviewd and recently reviewed on Houzz

As you can guess, each option changes the search results.   The secret to getting found on Houzz when people are searching for Pros is to make sure you rank high for all three filters;

  1. Best Match = you need to do a great job of optimizing all 6 ranking factors on your Houzz account. We cover this in our upcoming webinar, click here for details.
  2. Most Reviewed = Ranking #1 on this search results page is as simple as seeing how many reviews the first place contractor has, and getting one more than them.
  3. Recently Reviewed = Making sure that you are adding new reviews throughout the year and in a perfect world, at least once a month. (If you are fortunate enough to be that busy)

While there are many things people can do on Houzz, searching for ideas and service providers are two of the big ones. The more you understand how people use Houzz and how Houzz chooses what and who to show in the search results, the better you can optimize your profile and start generating new business.

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